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Meet Fleur

Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki & Sekhem Reiki Master Teacher & Reflexologist. 

Practitioner in AromaTouch Technique®, Access Bars & Energetic Facelift.

Sound & Vibrational Harmoniser.

I’m married with 2 teenage boys.  My previous profession of 18 years was an Early Childhood Teacher, I have always had an interest in holistic therapies and in 2018 I was drawn follow this path.

People ask me “what I actually do”

“Im here to help people to move towards balance and wholeness by using simple relaxation techniques which activate the body’s natural healing response”.


All of my treatments can help you achieve this. I’m super passionate about health and well-being on every level.

Please browse my website, and contact me to make your booking.  If you would like any more information regarding any of the service, I'm happy to chat with you.



Reiki, Reflexology, Ear Reflexology/Auricular Therapy, Reflexology Lymph Drainage, Reflexology for Menopause/Hormonal Support, Crystal Reflexology, Energetic Facelift, Access Bars, AromaTouch Technique,

and Sound Therapy.

Diploma in Reflexology with Honours - Auckland School of Reflexology 

Certificate in Anatomy & Physiology level 5

Certificate in Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage - Sally Kay

Certificate in Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage - Janice Hill

Certificate in Reflexology for Menopause - Sally Earlam

Certificate in Crystal Reflexology - Val Winchester

Certificate in Intuitive Reflexology -  Jenny Geelan

Certificate in Reflexology in Pregnancy - Moshe Kruchik

Certificate in Reiki level 1, 2 & 3 - Master Teacher

Certificate in Sekhem Reiki level 1, 2 & 3 - Master Teacher

Certificate inLightarian Reiki Levels 1-6 Master Teacher

Certificate in Animal Reiki

Certificate in Sound Therapy 

Certificate in Access Bars

Certificate in Energetic Facelift

Certificate in AromaTouch Technique

Certificate in Care of Life Threatening Illness Level 1

Essentials by Fleur

Be your own kind
of beautiful

Essentials by Fleur


Reflexology, Reiki and holistic therapies are not intended to replace the relationship with your primary healthcare providers and the consultation and treatments are not medical advice or treatment.  The information, service and treatment provided is not used to prescribe, diagnose or treat a health problem or disease.  Reflexology is not a substitute for medical care.  If you have or suspect you have a health problem, you should consult your GP.

Reflexology is complementary to medical treatment and should not be regarded as a substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis or treatment.


The information on this website is not to be construed as medical advice.  All information is my personal opinion and beliefs based my experience, education and feedback from my clients.  I make no claims that the information contained on this website is fact and believe people should be allowed to experience a treatment and make up their own mind.

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